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One thing that keeps my fitness goals in line is Carnival! I love carnival. Being that I am from the Caribbean this annual party gets me so hype. In different parts of the world all year long, from Trinidad to New York to London to Miami, people all over take part in carnival festivities. My personal favorite part about carnival is that any one can participate. Everyone is so welcoming to anyone wanting to join in the fun. Carnival mass involves wearing costumes, often like bikinis wear most of your body is exposed. At carnival, no one gives a damn how you look! Fat, skinny, thick, saggy, hairy who tf cares?! Wear your costume come out and have fun without worrying about being judged. I love carnival and it’s participants for it’s acceptance for people of all nationalities, colors and sizes, If you have never experienced carnival before, I suggest you do. I promise it will be so much fun it will turn into annual MUST. 

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